Habit Change for Whole Person Health

Instead of treating just one specific disease, whole-person health focuses on improving overall physical and mental health, promoting resilience, and preventing diseases across a lifespan. And when it comes to whole-person health, we are the sum of our habits. Adopting healthy habits is the very essence of whole-person health.


Mental and Physical Health Don't Live in Silos

Newtopia is a Habit Change Provider for whole-person health. We help individuals develop healthier habits to prevent,  slow, and reverse the progression of chronic disease while enriching mental health, resilience, and overall human performance.

Using tools such as our proprietary app and smart health devices, optional behavioral genetic testing, and a personal profile that collects details on an individual's personality, social determinants of health, and baseline physical and mental health metrics, we create a hyper-personalized program approach. Our personality-matched health coaches, called "Inspirators," guide participants toward their goal of improved physical and mental health through lasting habit change every step of the way.

This video explains everything:


Best of all, Newtopia’s approach to whole-person health is evidence-based and validated in 3rd-party randomized control trials. Find out how we can help you improve outcomes and reduce costs in your population.

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